Incantation Brewery, rebranded from Jade Mountain, has been steadily casting its spell on local beer enthusiasts since it recently (re)opened. Their approach to beer-making is intimate and artisanal, focusing on quality over quantity. Their commitment to craft beer artistry blends tradition with bold creativity, offering a diverse selection of beers that promises something for every palate.

I am absolutely biased, as a big fan of Punk Rock music and Ska, which is their Saturday night theme, I was only there for a short time, but had an amazing night alone where I tried the “Druid” lager. 

Their beer list is an intriguing concoction of styles and flavors. From the fruity notes of the “Mage” Wheat Beer to the complex and rich “Darkbloom” Stout with coffee and raspberry, each brew is a testament to their innovative spirit. The “Ritual” Lager brings a Mexican flair, while the “Evoker” Lager with its Japanese rice twist showcases their global inspirations. Not to mention, the “Remedy” Sour Ale, with its blend of apricot, raspberry, and black tea, is a perfect example of their boundary-pushing endeavors.

Those who’ve visited Incantation Brewery speak highly of their experiences. Descriptions of the “Darkbloom” Stout as “dry, smooth, fruity, with strong coffee and a hint of chocolate” and the unique hop combinations in the “Druid” IPA indicate a brewery that’s not afraid to experiment and excel. Their beers not only tantalize the taste buds but also earn badges of honor among beer aficionados, further solidifying their domination of the Aurora local beer scene.

Incantation Brewery’s future looks as promising as the enchanting brews they craft. With their dedication to quality and creativity, they’re poised to continue bewitching beer lovers for years to come. Whether you’re a local or just passing through Aurora, a visit to Incantation Brewery offers not just a beer, but an experience – a magical blend of community, craftsmanship, and exceptional beer that captures the spirit of Aurora’s thriving brewing culture​. It’s worth a visit, give them a shot. Learn more at, or just head down to the intersection of Buckly and Quincy, nearby Sushi Totoro.