Discover Your Passion, Enhance Our Community! 

Are you looking to make meaningful connections, share your talents, or pursue a new hobby right here in our vibrant Aurora neighborhood? Joining a local club, group, or committee is not just about what you do, it’s about who you can become – and the community we build together!

In Mission Viejo, our tapestry is rich with diverse interests and the shared desire to create a fulfilling community experience. Whether you’re an art aficionado, a gardening enthusiast, a bookworm, or someone with a knack for planning and governance, there is a place for you to shine here.

✨ Clubs and Groups: Dive into our variety of clubs and groups tailored to an array of interests – it’s the perfect way to meet neighbors who share your passions and to create lasting friendships. From leisurely activities to intellectually stimulating meet-ups, there’s something to pique everyone’s interest!

🌟 Committees: If you have ideas for our community or want to have a direct impact on neighborhood decisions, consider joining a committee. Your insights and efforts can drive positive change and contribute to the betterment of Mission Viejo for everyone.

Don’t just live in Mission Viejo – thrive here! Your next adventure awaits, and it’s just outside your doorstep. Get involved and watch as your community grows and flourishes with your contribution.

Ready to jump in? Contact the Mission Viejo HOA today to find your fit or pitch a new idea. Together, let’s make our neighborhood the most dynamic and engaging place to call home in Aurora!


Mission Viejo Garden Club

Are you ready to dig into the joys of gardening and cultivate beauty right here in the heart of Aurora, Colorado? The Mission Viejo Gardening Club is calling all nature lovers, from the seasoned horticulturist to the curious novice, to join us in fostering a greener, more vibrant community.

Our gardening club is more than just about planting and pruning; it’s a thriving hub where soil and soul meet. We’re a group of enthusiastic residents who share a passion for plants, a love for the outdoors, and a commitment to adding a splash of color to our already scenic neighborhood.