Jade Mountain Brewery Rebrands to Incantation Brewery

Incantation Brewery, rebranded from Jade Mountain, has been steadily casting its spell on local beer enthusiasts since it recently (re)opened. Their approach to beer-making is intimate and artisanal, focusing on quality over quantity. Their commitment to craft beer...

Real Estate Update

Happy New Year! And Happier interest rates. The Feds have lowered the interest rates to just below 7%. This is a welcome change to help bring new buyers to the market. MV currently has 12 active listings, with an average sales price of $535,000. MV also Sold 4 homes...

Holiday Hayride

The Mission Viejo neighborhood in Aurora, Colorado, is excited to announce its annual Holiday Hayride event, a beloved tradition that brings the community together to celebrate the festive season. This family-friendly event offers a unique and charming way to explore...

Experiencing the Festive Glow of Mission Viejo

As the holiday season unfolds, the Mission Viejo neighborhood in Aurora, Colorado, transforms into a mesmerizing wonderland of lights and decorations. This heartwarming tradition, embraced by the community, lights up the long winter nights and brings joy to all who...

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For residents interested in exploring the rich tapestry of our community’s past events, decisions, and milestones, the Mission Viejo Homeowners Association is pleased to announce that archived HOA newsletters from previous years are now available upon request. These newsletters serve as a valuable resource, chronicling the evolution of our neighborhood and providing insight into the collective journey of our homeowners.

Whether you are a new resident eager to learn more about the neighborhood’s history, an existing homeowner looking to reminisce about past community celebrations, or a member seeking information on past HOA discussions and outcomes, these archives offer a window into the heart and soul of Mission Viejo.

To request a copy of an archived newsletter, please contact the HOA office with the specific year or issue you are interested in. Our dedicated team will assist you in obtaining the editions you seek.

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