Zoning Code Regulations


The Following are City of Aurora Zoning Code Regulations which are enforced by the Neighborhood Support Division of the Neighborhood Services Department. These restrictions are separate from the protective covenants and each resident in Aurora must comply with these restrictions as well as any covenants enforced in their neighborhood.

For more information on these regulations and restrictions please contact the City of Aurora Neighborhood Support Division or visit their web site by clicking here

Also there are copies of Hand Outs that the code enforcement department gives to residents.  Click on the Handouts names to view each of the Handouts for Landscape Maintenance Codes or Zoning Codes or Trash Door Hanger.



As an organization the Mission Viejo Homeowners’ Association does not have the legal right to enforce these regulations. They must be reported by  individual citizens. The zoning code officers are the only designated persons who can issue a citation. The Mission Viejo Homeowners’ Association encourages its members to report violations with the city of Aurora directly

To report a violation, please contact Access Aurora by e-mail or by calling 303-739-7000.